Back to School with KetoVie

Are the school bells ringing in your neighborhood yet?  Do you have all your school supplies ready to go?  Have the blinking lights for the school zones come back to life?  It’s hard to believe the summer of 2016 is coming to an end.  At KetoVie we want you and your student to have the best school year yet!

Here a few tips and tricks to get it off to a great start:

Share – information about your student’s ketogenic therapy (modified Atkins, Low Glycemic therapy) with everyone that will be involved with their care while at school.  While teachers and school nurses are a great place to start, don’t forget all others who may be in contact with your child such as the bus driver, the Principal and cafeteria staff. These individuals are your eyes and ears while your student is at school.

Check – the calendar for those special events where food might be offered outside of lunch hour such as birthday parties and holidays.  Send keto friendly options with your student so that they can celebrate with the rest of the class.  Even consider asking the teacher about using non-food rewards for all students.

Have – your paperwork ready.  Every student with seizures should have an action plan on file with the school nurse.  Contact your clinic early for any additional orders that are needed: rescue medications, sick day plans, or tube feeding orders.  Every August and September at pediatric clinics are a nightmare with all of the school paperwork that must be completed for all students.  Start early and your nurses at both the school and the clinic will love you!

Organize – who will be providing lunch for your student this school year?  Some parents find out the menu for other students and match what they send for lunch that day.  Some cafeterias are willing to serve your student’s meal from the tray line so that they fit right in with classmates.

Order – your KetoVie Café foods to help normalize your student’s meals.  Even on ketogenic therapy your student can have a sandwich on KetoVie Café’s Wholesome Bread  or a Pizza Petite for lunch.  If they eat breakfast at school, you child will be the envy of his class mates with Cinnamon Donut Delights. Ask the school cafeteria if they can order KetoVie foods to have on hand in case your child refuses to eat what you sent for lunch that day.  After all they stay good in the freezer for a whole year.  Another option is KetoVie 4:1 Chocolate or Vanilla formula chilled as a liquid meal replacement. Get your samples here. Don’t forget to have some sugar free, calorie free, caffeine free beverages and re-hydration options just in case your student gets sick at school.

Leave – your school lunch worries at the door.  KetoVie Café has got your back this school year.

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