Soups On!

KetoVie Café now has some delicious soups, perfect for cooler weather. These are dried powdered soups, you just add heavy cream or water and heat! How easy is that? Perfect for home, travel, the school thermos or sick days. Nutrition Info KetoVie Café Broccoli Cheddar Soup (43g dry mix per serving) Ratio: >2.3:1 (prepared with


Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing: a Keto Thanksgiving

Keto Thanksgiving Day Feast This Thanksgiving, feast on a ketogenic meal of turkey, gravy, and stuffing, followed by Pumpkin Spice Parfait Keto Turkey, Gravy, and Stuffing Ingredients 25g Heavy cream, 36% 40g Swanson All Natural Chicken Broth 40g Turkey breast, cooked 17g Butter 80g KetoVie Café Savory Stuffing Instructions Mix cream, broth, and butter to make


Keto Chicken Vegetable Casserole

Looking for a keto change of pace – and some healthy veggies? Stephanie Murico’s Creamy Vegetable, Chicken, and Cheese Casserole is full of fiber and flavor thanks to mushrooms, spinach, bell peppers and KetoVie Café Veggie Dip Mix. Creamy Vegetable, Chicken, and Cheese Casserole Recipe by Stephanie Murico, RD, CSP, LD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Ingredients: 40 grams

Creamy Cereal with berries

14 Ways to Make Keto Creamy Cereal Amazing

Did you hear about Cambrooke’s latest KetoVie Café food — Creamy Cereal? Tired of eggs and bacon? We hear you. Cambrooke has recently brought you KetoVie Café Creamy Cereal. It’s a perfect breakfast for busy school mornings or before work. Great for travel too. As prepared, it is a 2.3:1 ratio and 2.5g net carbohydrates

Cookies with frosting

Labor Day Keto Picnic Plan!

Labor Day – time for one more picnic before summer ends. Here are some keto treats to enjoy with your family this Labor Day. Menu Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers 4.5:1 Mac & Cheese 3.5:1 Entrée Chicken Caesar Salad 3:1 Vanilla Almond Cut-Out Cookies 4.1:1 with White Chocolate Frosting 3.2:1 Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers 4.5:1 Ingredients 28g

Ketovie Peptide banner

Ketovie Peptide: Making the Keto Diet More Accessible

KetoVie Peptide 4:1 is the first ketogenic medical food for people with protein sensitivity or digestive issues. It’s better for people who have problems digesting regular ketogenic formulas because instead of intact proteins, Ketovie Peptide 4:1 has peptides. Peptides are chains of amino acids strung together like beads on a necklace. Connect the right peptides together,

Cheddar pigs in blanket with broccoli slaw

Pigs in Cheddar Blankets with Broccoli Slaw

By Mary Susan Spears, MS, RD, CSP, LD Here’s a fun new recipe for keto-friendly pigs in a blanket. Pigs in a Cheddar Blanket Items to order from Cambrooke KetoVie Café Cheddar dough and Veggie Dip Mix Other ingredients 4 (40 grams) Cocktail sausages (we used Hillshire Farm’s Beef Lit’l Smokies) ½ cup (40 grams)

Drinking Fountain

Hydration How-Tos

By Mary Susan Spears, MS, RD, CSP, LD It’s that time all school children and teachers look forward to every year: summer! Time for playing outside and trying to stay cool. The warmer weather makes it important for everyone to stay hydrated. After all, water makes up 60-75% of our body weight. We lose water

Corn Dog

Fourth of July Keto Treats!

Here are some all-American recipes to fill your Fourth of July picnic with keto treats! Menu Corn Dogs Basil Salad with Pizza Croutons Cheesy Avocado Cups Strawberry Mousse Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies Corn dog 2:1 Ingredients 15g heavy cream, 36% (1 Tbs) 0.5g vinegar, white distilled (⅛ tsp) 21g Applegate Farms® Original Uncured Beef Hot


Growing up on the Keto Diet: a Young Adult’s View

In June, many teens and young adults graduate and leave home — a time young people on the keto diet have to take on added responsibility for keeping themselves healthy. We asked Chanda Gunn, New Hampshire Field Manager of the Epilepsy Foundation of New England, if she knew any young adults with epilepsy who could talk