Keto Pops

Summer is heating up – use these delicious KetoVie popsicles as an easy and keto-friendly way to cool down. Follow these few simple steps and enjoy!

Step 1: Obtain a popsicle mold. Most grocery stores or convenience stores carry some sort of mold. Try the seasonal section. The molds used in this post were found at Wegman’s for $9.99, but you can find similar molds on


Step 2: Choose your flavor, KetoVie Chocolate or KetoVie Vanilla and fill mold with one tetra and close as needed. Need samples? Order here.

pop4pop5pop6 pop10

Step 3:Place popsicles in freezer overnight or until frozen.


Step 4: Remove from freezer, let sit room temperature for 10-15 minutes to slightly thaw out. Remove from mold or push up (depending on mold) and enjoy! Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page.



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