Shamrock Shake!

It’s officially spring! Although there’s still plenty of snow at Cambrooke’s headquarters, the days are getting longer, and spring holidays are just around the corner. Celebrate with a spring-green, minty 3:1 Shamrock Shake inspired by Maria Rebbecchi (Keto Mom Extraordinaire).

3:1 KetoVie Shamrock Shake

Nutrition Info: 3.3:1 ketogenic ratio, 216 calories, 1.2g net carbohydrate (3.6g total carb), 5.2g protein, 21.2g fat


  • 125mL KetoVie 4:1 Vanilla
  • 10g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 10g Fresh kale

**Peppermint Patty Davinci sugar free flavoring to taste OR ~1 tsp peppermint extract and liquid stevia

Other ingredients (optional):

  • Stevia packet
  • Red food coloring



Weigh/measure KetoVie 4:1 Vanilla, cream cheese, sugar free Davinci peppermint patty flavoring, and kale (don’t worry-it’s tasteless and gives a great green color to your shamrock shake).

Blend in a small blender with a little bit of crushed ice. I use the mini Magic Bullet for my blender.

Enjoy your festive spring shake!

Other options…

If you want to make red sprinkles simply put a drop of red food coloring on Stevia crystals and let dry. Sprinkle on top of shake

If you prefer whipped cream on top of your shake, whip some up for a topping. You can flavor your whipped cream with sugar-free vanilla DaVinci syrup or stevia and vanilla extract.

You can calculate in half a maraschino cherry (~2.5g weight and 1g of carbohydrate) for a real treat.

Shamrock Shake for Spring


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