Meeting the Growing Needs for Ketogenic Therapy Professionals

Ketogenic diet therapy is getting a lot of attention these days and for good reason. There is increasing awareness of the diet not only as a treatment for epilepsy, but also for other medical conditions in both pediatric and adult populations. There is growing evidence showing the diet’s effectiveness in a variety of conditions including, but not limited to: cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and migraine headaches.

As awareness of the ketogenic diet and its benefits rises, the demand and need for the therapy is greater than ever. Recognizing this need, The Charlie Foundation has partnered with a group of established, independent ketogenic therapy professionals. This group is called “Ketogenic Specialists” and is currently made up of 11 credentialed health care professionals that have extensive experience in ketogenic therapies and have been vetted by The Charlie Foundation. This group includes nine registered dietitians, one registered nurse and one certified coach who uses her first-hand experience with keto therapy to provide support for those on their ketogenic journey.

Each of the Ketogenic Specialists have their own area of expertise such as which medical diagnoses they work with and the types of ketogenic therapy they provide. Since they are independent, they are able to provide individualized and flexible care that accommodates each client’s specific needs. Additionally, they do most of their work electronically, which is an emerging trend in healthcare called “telehealth” or “telemedicine.” There are many advantages to providing health care electronically; expert care is provided independent of a client’s location and education/follow-up is done from the comfort of home without the need to commute to a hospital or clinic.

You can learn more about this group and the services each expert provides by visiting, or clicking the “Find Private Consultants” tab on The Charlie Foundation website.

Thanks so much to guest blogger Sarah Jadin, MS, RDN, CSP, CNSC for this post! Sarah is one of the members of the Ketogenic Specialist team mentioned above, learn more about her here.


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