Take Back Your Holiday


Holidays are supposed to be fun right? Until we come to realize just how much food seems to be involved! KetoVie is here to help make everyday moments possible even on food related holidays.

From Christmas cookies to Birthday cake it seems that every celebration these days involves temptations. Add the ketogenic diet to the mix & things go from cheerful to tearful when someone gets left out.

Easter & Passover are quickly approaching so this week we want to provide you with some tips to take back your holiday.

  • Candy buyback. Whether trick or treating or Easter egg hunting, candy seems to be impossible to avoid. Let your child participate in collecting candy along with the others. When the hunt is over, treat their candy like money and allow them to trade it in for non-edible toys or a favorite keto friendly treat.


  • Color Coordinate. Activities like dying eggs or making crafts (Try Pinterest for craft ideas) can be a great way to avoid food. Try starting these activities AFTER breakfast or lunch so that a meal isn’t part of the equation. Want to really spice things up? Food coloring when used in small amounts will not change the ratio of KetoVie 4:1 – coordinate your supplement with the holiday!


  • It’s not what you eat, it’s what you eat it in! Holiday themed napkins, plates, cups, anything you need these days can be found in special holiday creations. Starting to sound expensive? Fear not, the Dollar Tree and other dollar stores offer a variety of options. Typically these stores put out holiday items early in comparison to the holiday so stock up early & grab as many holidays as you can at once!


  • Recipes! Utilize your online resources, follow groups such as the Charlie Foundation & Matthew’s friends or the Cambrooke Facebook page (link here) for up to date recipes provided by other families and clinicians. Plan ahead & be sure to grocery shop for the correct items prior to the holiday.


  • Host a keto family event. Contact other local families following the ketogenic diet & have a holiday themed party. Plan on providing the activity & keto friendly beverage and ask others to bring their own snack. Use the time to trade ideas and tips from those who are going through the same thing. Reach out to your Cambrooke rep and have KetoVie product samples available!


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