White Chocolate Frosting 3.2:1

White Chocolate Frosting 3.2:1

CATEGORY   Baking, Cookie, Dessert

  • 3g Davinci Gourmet® SF White Chocolate Syrup (about 1 tsp)
    5g unsweetened almond milk (about 1 tsp)
    15g Philadelphia® Cream Cheese (about 1 Tbs)
  • Weigh ingredients and whisk together until smooth and thickened.

    Apply to KetoVie Café Kwik Mix cut-out cookie, Vanilla Almond Cut-Out Cookies recipe, or another KetoVie Café Kwik Mix baked treat.

    Vanilla Almond Cut-Out Cookie with White Chocolate Frosting provides:
    ratio 3.9:1; calories 226; net carb 1.3; pro 4.0

    Tip: Use a drop of all natural food coloring to make creative designs with your frosting.
    You can prepare in larger batches and freeze for later use.
Per Recipe Per Serving
Ketogenic Ratio 3.2:1 3.2:1
Calories 54 54
Net Carbs, g 0.5 0.5
Protein, g 1.1 1.1
Fat, g 5.2 5.2

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