Kwik Mix Waffles 4:1

Kwik Mix Waffles 4:1

CATEGORY   Baking, Breakfast

SERVING SIZE   4 oz (112g) waffle
  • 28g KetoVie Café Kwik Mix (¼ cup)
    30g heavy cream, 36% (2 Tbs)
    37g egg, beaten well (¼ cup)
    10g canola oil (2 tsp)
    7g water (2 tsp)

  • Heat waffle iron and grease with oil.
    Whisk all ingredients until blended and
    pour in greased waffle iron.
    Bake waffles until toasty golden brown.

    Tips: Complement recipe with a serving of butter and/or whipped cream to enhance flavor as well as the Keto Ratio, which will allow for a portion of fresh berries.
    Replace canola oil for equal amount of bacon fat for great flavor.
    Increase recipe three-fold or more and stack cooled waffles between sheets of waxed paper. Bag and store in freezer for a quick Heat & Serve breakfast. Reheat in toaster or oven.
Per Recipe Per Serving
Ketogenic Ratio 4:1 4:1
Calories 364 364
Net Carbs, g 2.2 2.2
Protein, g 6.9 6.9
Fat, g 36.5 36.5

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