KetoVie® Formula

At KetoVie we provide safe, reliable, effective, and convenient ketogenic formulas for the dietary management of patients with intractable epilepsy (difficult to control seizures).

But we take it a step further with our advanced formulations that include a unique blend of key ingredients to address many of the challenges we face on ketogenic diets.

KetoVie works closely with ketogenic diet experts to offer solutions with multi-nutritional benefits so your experience on ketogenic therapy can help you reclaim your everyday.

Ketovie formulas are ready to use liquid medical foods for 1 year of age and older, that provide complete nutrition including vitamins and minerals and can replace meals and snacks or be given as a tube feeding.

OU Dairy

Kosher Certified - OU Dairy certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the “Orthodox Union”). Learn more at

KetoVie 4:1 Chocolate and Vanilla

KetoVie 4:1 formulas are available in mildly sweet and delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors. Our packaging looks like a beverage you might find in a grocery store which is especially important to children who want normal looking products to drink. Learn more about how KetoVie 4:1 offers solutions to the common challenges experienced on a ketogenic diet.

KetoVie 4:1 Chocolate learn more

KetoVie 4:1 Vanilla learn more

KetoVie 4:1 Unflavored

KetoVie 4:1 Unflavored has a mild milk taste with a protein source that is 100% partially hydrolyzed whey. Learn more about why KetoVie 4:1 Unflavored can meet the unique needs for both oral and tube fed individuals.

KetoVie 4.1 Unflavored learn more

KetoVie Peptide 4:1

KetoVie Peptide 4:1 is the first and only nutritionally complete peptide based ketogenic formula. It contains extensively hydrolyzed whey protein (for oral or tube feeding).

KetoVie Peptide learn more

KetoVie 4:1 Plant-Based Protein Vanilla

KetoVie 4:1 Plant-Based Protein is the first and only nutritionally complete 4:1 plant-based ketogenic medical food. Learn more about our pea and hydrolyzed pea protein and how it can help those with allergy or intolerances to milk and soy.

KetoVie 4:1 Plant-Based Protein Vanilla learn more

KetoVie 3:1 Unflavored

KetoVie 3:1, the first and only nutritionally complete ready-to-use liquid 3:1 ketogenic medical food.

Learn more why KetoVie 3:1 is an optimal solution for neurologically impaired patients requiring higher protein needs, micronutrients for early years, lower calorie needs, and for those with tolerance issues with higher ketogenic ratios.

KetoVie 3:1 Unflavored learn more

View Recipes

To add some variety, try our simple and tasty ketogenic recipes with KetoVie 4:1 Chocolate or Vanilla formulas. You can make smoothies like our KetoVie chocolate peanut butter smoothie.

Everyday is Everything

Epilepsy stole your "everyday". We’re here to help steal it back.
Learn how KetoVie can help you reclaim your everyday.

KetoVie Formula
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